Quaver Piano School provides piano lessons for students of all levels and ages, no matter if they have chosen music as a career or just want to play the piano for pleasure. Our main goal is to help students explore various musical styles such as: classical, pop and jazz all through fun music program that integrates the study of music theory, harmony, ear training and sight reading.

The repertoire is carefully selected by a teacher according to students’ abilities and needs. QPS guarantees RIAM and ABRSM exam preparation on the highest level.

It is highly recommended to start playing piano from early childhood. As various researches have shown there is a correlation between music education and the development of skills such as self-discipline, patience, sensitivity, coordination, creativity, memory and concentration.

Piano training leads to the brain changes that enhance abstract reasoning skills, which are essential for learning mathematics, science or even chess. It is proven that playing piano makes your child more intelligent and more successful in life. So, why not to give them this life enhancing chance?

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